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KYKLOS views economics as a social science and as such favours contributions dealing with issues relevant to contemporary society, as well as economic policy applications. Since its inception over 60 years ago, KYKLOS has earned a worldwide reputation for publishing a broad range of articles from international scholars on real world issues. KYKLOS encourages unorthodox, original approaches to topical economic and social issues with a multinational application, and promises to give fresh insights into topics of worldwide interest.

Latest review

First review round: 8.4 weeks. Overall rating: 3 (good). Outcome: Rejected.

The process was very timely which is a plus. The first reviewer seemed like an expert and offered feedback to improve the paper and resubmit. This feedback was detailed with the inclusion of several previous publication for consideration and guidance on how to improve the paper. The second review seemed to have skimmed the paper and provided feedback that indicated that the paper was not thoroughly read or understood. As such, it led to comments that had no basis and reflects the reviewers lack of knowledge with the subject area. The editor advised us to resubmit but given the poor quality of the second reviewers comments, we took all of the first reviewers comments under consideration and resubmitted to a different journal.