Reviews for "Health Policy"

Journal title Average duration Review reports
(1st review rnd.)
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Health Policy 10.7
n/a 2 3
(very bad)
Drawn back
Motivation: Sorry, but here was no checkbox for the possibility that the editor did never answer after two revisions (I put there the date when the paper was withdrawn). I should explain - the first reviewer was constructive, we followed his/her suggestions, the paper improved, he/she did not have further comments; the second reviewer had mostly comments that we could not accept, he was not satisfied with our explanations. Probably the Editor could not decide and he never informed us. After 27.6 weeks and four unanswered e-mails to the Editorial Office we withdrew the paper.
Health Policy 7.7
n/a 2 4
(very good)
(very good)
Health Policy Drawn back before first editorial decision after 167 days Drawn back
Motivation: After 5 1/2 months in submission the paper had not even been sent to reviewers. On contacting them the publishers said there was a considerable backlog following 'editorial restructuring' and that they couldn't predict a review time. Messages sent to the editorial team received no reply at all... As I wanted my research reported this year I withdrew the paper and resubmitted to another journal. Health Policy is a quality journal, but it's clearly having difficulties at the present time and I would think twice about submitting any time critical papers to them