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Disciplines: General


Science seeks submissions from all fields of science and from any source and publishes those papers that are most influential in their fields or across fields and that will significantly advance scientific understanding. Selected papers should present novel and broadly important data, syntheses, or concepts, and should merit recognition by the wider scientific community and general public.

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Duration of manuscript handling phases
Duration first review round 2.3 mnths compare →
Total handling time accepted manuscripts 5.2 mnths compare →
Decision time immediate rejection 11 days compare →
Characteristics of peer review process
Average number of review reports 2.9 compare →
Average number of review rounds 1.8 compare →
Quality of review reports 3.5 compare →
Difficulty of reviewer comments 2.5 compare →
Overall rating manuscript handling 3.5 (range 0-5) compare →

Latest review

First review round: 25.0 weeks. Overall rating: 0 (very bad). Outcome: Rejected.

Rejection after many, many months under review, and based on biased, technically incorrect reviews, because a paper "cannot compete for space" is signs of gross editorial failure (without even mentioning the dubious papers that do manage to compete for space). The review process here is not objective and has no connection to science.