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Science Translational Medicine publishes original, peer-reviewed, science-based research articles that promote human health by providing a forum for communication and cross-fertilization among basic, translational, and clinical research practitioners. Content covers all relevant established and emerging disciplines: cardiovascular disease, immunology/vaccines, metabolism/diabetes/obesity, neuroscience/neurology/psychiatry, cancer, infectious diseases, policy, behavior, bioengineering, chemical genomics/drug discovery, imaging, applied physical sciences, medical nanotechnology, drug delivery, biomarkers, gene therapy/regenerative medicine, toxicology and pharmacokinetics, data mining, cell culture, animal and human studies, medical informatics, and other interdisciplinary approaches.

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Our Paper was a complete study on a widely used drug. Previously, another paper had been published in STM which we disproved through thorough experiments and mathematical modeling. The handling editor is probably the same. They rejected the paper without any given reason/peer review as they don't want to accept that they published a scientifically incorrect paper in the recent past. This journal runs its own propaganda.