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10% accepted
% immediately rejected last year
79% imm. rejected
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2158 articles
Manuscripts received last year
9999 manuscripts
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open access
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$4500 per manuscript

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Science Advances is the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s (AAAS) open access multidisciplinary journal, publishing impactful research papers and reviews in any area of science, in both disciplinary-specific and broad, interdisciplinary areas. The mission of Science Advances is to provide fair, fast, and expert peer review to authors and a vetted selection of research, freely available to readers

Latest review

First review round: 11.6 weeks. Overall rating: 0 (very bad). Outcome: Rejected.

Editor informs after the first round of revision that the comments of reviewer are not available. The rejection was done by the editor even not considering at all the rebuttal. In my long career this was the worst experience at all.
Good process