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Aims and Scope

Progress in Photovoltaics offers a prestigious forum for reporting advances in this rapidly developing technology, aiming to reach all interested professionals, researchers and energy policy-makers.

Due to the huge growth of interest in the field, we now receive far more paper submissions than we can ever hope to publish in the journal. It has therefore become necessary to revise the Aims and Scope to be more restrictive in the types of papers that are encouraged and to clarify those that are not.

True to the journal’s title, the key criterion is that submitted papers should report substantial “progress” in photovoltaics.

Latest review

First review round: 7.3 weeks. Overall rating: 4 (very good). Outcome: Rejected.

Some reviews in favor and some against it. The quality of review comment were not upto the mark as expected. It seemed that some reviewer have not even read the manuscript and just have given their review by primary quick view.