Optical Fiber Technology

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Duration first review round 3.0 mnths compare →
Total handling time accepted manuscripts 3.2 mnths compare →
Decision time immediate rejection n/a compare →
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Average number of review reports 2.0 compare →
Average number of review rounds 2.0 compare →
Quality of review reports 2.0 compare →
Difficulty of reviewer comments 2.0 compare →
Overall rating manuscript handling 2.0 (range 0-5) compare →

Latest review

First review round: 21.7 weeks. Overall rating: 0 (very bad). Outcome: Drawn back.

This is absolutely the worst handling experience I ever had during my academic career! I submitted the paper in March, after 35 days, the editor sent the paper for review. The review reports completed in two months but editor refused to give out any information regarding the status of the paper. It stayed at "ready for decision" status for 48 days!!! I sent two emails to editor and editor in chief and asked for status update. Then editor finally sent us the decision letter which includes two reviewer reports which was written in under 20 minutes by probably two undergrad/masters students. The first one was "this paper is great, it should be published" and the second one was 2 paragraph without any scientific input which suggest the results are not interesting enough!! I have no idea why editor couldn't make the final decision based on these short reviews for 48 days!!! I would not submit to this journal ever again!