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Aims and Scope
International Political Sociology is the fifth journal supported by the International Studies Association. It responds to the need for more productive collaboration among sociologists, international relations specialists and sociopolitical theorists. Being a venue for theoretical and empirical innovation in the field of international relations, IPS strongly encourages transdisciplinary analysis of contemporary world phenomena by offering a meeting space for scholars from all over the world. Issues of special concern are the challenges arising from contemporary transformations of social, political, and global orders given the statist forms of traditional sociologies and the marginalization of social processes in many approaches to international relations. IPS draws especiall

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First review round: 17.1 weeks. Overall rating: 1 (bad). Outcome: Rejected.

One of the reviewer reports was around 200 words and it was not helpful at all. The other was a bit more detailed but it was not worth waiting for 4 months. One expects some constructive comments after waiting that long. I would not send another manuscript there.