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Duration of manuscript handling phases
Duration first review round 1.6 mnths compare →
Total handling time accepted manuscripts 3.2 mnths compare →
Decision time immediate rejection 9 days compare →
Characteristics of peer review process
Average number of review reports 2.6 compare →
Average number of review rounds 1.8 compare →
Quality of review reports 3.4 compare →
Difficulty of reviewer comments 3.2 compare →
Overall rating manuscript handling 3.1 (range 0-5) compare →

Latest review

First review round: 17.4 weeks. Overall rating: 1 (bad). Outcome: Drawn back.

I cannot believe how incompetent IEEE Access were. It took us more than 11months to get through the peer review process. After the first peer review round (that took almost 4 months), we addressed the reviewers comments. After resubmitting the manuscript, the paper was went to one of the same reviewers who outright said it is acceptable for publication without any further edits. The second reviewer asked us to add one reference and to reorganize a paragraph. The editor still recommended revising and resubmission. We implemented the changes and sent it again for review. However after we sent it, the peer reviewing process took 5+ months. We contacted the journals more than 4 times and every time, we got a reply saying that the reviewers are still reviewing the changes, without further clarifications. IEEE access usually gives the reviewers 10-14 days to review articles, so this was completely uncommon. Also, the reasons why the editor rejected the manuscript, while all reviewers accepted it were unknown and we never got a response on why this decision was made. After all this hassle, we finally decided to withdraw our manuscript and send it to another journal. Very bad publication experience.