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After more than 90 days, we received the response of the journal regarding our article. However, it was rather strange. On the website, I saw that it was "Under Review"; however, when we finally got feedback from the journal, which declared that our article was rejected, no comments from reviewers were provided. The Editor said, and I quote: "Reviewers' comments on your work have now been received. You will see that they are advising against publication of your work. Therefore I must reject it." There were no reviewer's comments in the e-mail or the submission system. I tried to contact the Editor, asking for the comments, but I never got a response. In my understanding, the article was never reviewed by anyone because I never saw the comments, and they should have been provided. I must highlight that I only received this declaration after more than 90 days, and only after I contacted the journal, asking about long it was taking for an initial assessment. It was not the first time I've waited more than 80 days for Functional & Integrative Genomics to give me an initial assessment on an article.
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