Environment and Planning B

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Disciplines: Geography and planning

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Duration of manuscript handling phases
Duration first review round 5.8 mnths compare →
Total handling time accepted manuscripts 8.2 mnths compare →
Decision time immediate rejection n/a compare →
Characteristics of peer review process
Average number of review reports 2.0 compare →
Average number of review rounds 1.5 compare →
Quality of review reports 3.0 compare →
Difficulty of reviewer comments 4.0 compare →
Overall rating manuscript handling 2.5 (range 0-5) compare →

Latest review

First review round: 39.0 weeks. Overall rating: 1 (bad). Outcome: Rejected.

Three months after I submitted the article, I emailed the editor. They said they had trouble finding the reviewers. As a result of 9 months, I received two peer reviews and the result is reject. I'm very upset because one of the review was 3 sentences. The other reviewer's opinion is whether the article was suitable for the journal. I think this should be the editor's decision. This reviewer offered me another journal. I don't think the referee process is going well.