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'Developmental Neuroscience' is a multidisciplinary journal publishing papers covering all stages of invertebrate, vertebrate and human brain development. Emphasis is placed on publishing fundamental as well as translational studies that contribute to our understanding of mechanisms of normal development as well as genetic and environmental causes of abnormal brain development. The journal thus provides valuable information for both physicians and biologists. To meet the rapidly expanding information needs of its readers, the journal combines original papers that report on progress and advances in developmental neuroscience with concise mini-reviews that provide a timely overview of key topics, new insights and ongoing controversies.

Latest review

First review round: 5.4 weeks. Overall rating: 3 (good). Outcome: Accepted.

The initial review took longer than I was used to, but the Reviewer's comments were spot on and helped us to notice some of the areas where our discussion was lacking. Additionally, at the suggestion of the reviewers, we were able to add another figure that helped to round out the story. The resubmission and decision were super fast.