Reviews for "Wind Energy"

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Wind Energy 27.7
n/a 4 2
Motivation: There was a long delay after initial submission; after some communication, an (assistant?) editor appeared to 're-process' the submission, and adjusted the official submission date a bit later.
One reviewer did not understand some basic material and did not read/check relevant references, and another reviewer had an incorrect understanding of some references used; these appeared to be due to an oversimplified 'engineering' concept of the atmosphere.

Unfortunately the overall time to publication was well over 1 year, and the official article's "online" status/citable reference (2015) was later changed to published status in 2016--thus a total time >2 years for publication.
There are some good articles in this journal, but unfortunately this industrial area (wind) is occupied by both engineers and scientists--with significantly different experience and very large gaps in understanding.