Reviews for "SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics"

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SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 10.7
n/a 1 4
(very good)
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics n/a n/a 29.0
n/a n/a n/a Rejected (im.)
Motivation: Associate Editor William Kath said "I have read through your manuscript and, unfortunately, in my opinion it is not within the scope of the journal. Specifically, it appears that the paper is almost entirely focused on analysis without showing how the results are relevant to some specific physical or engineering application. What physical insight or application advance does this mathematical result provide? This application component should be a substantial part of any manuscript submitted to the SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, as indicated by the editorial policy. I'm sorry that I must reject it for publication. It is possible, of course, that another journal, such as Physical Review or one of the IEEE journals, would find it appropriate."