Reviews for "The Review of Symbolic Logic"

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(1st review rnd.)
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The Review of Symbolic Logic 29.0
n/a 2 2
Motivation: Reviewer 1 was clearly into my field, and gave me a "Revise and Resubmit" with some precious suggestions.

As for Reviewer 2 instead, who suggested "Reject", s/he seemed not to be really into my field (or s/he seemed to follow a, say, competing school within the same field). S/he suggested me to take into account theories which have little or nothing to do with the one I investigated in my paper, and made some assertions without justifying them. Also, her/his observations went not beyond page 7 (over 32), which suggests that s/he made very little effort to understand the content of the paper (s/he said that some definitions were unclear, but in reality they were formulated in a way which is standard in the field).