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Plant Cell n/a n/a 5.0
n/a n/a n/a Rejected (im.)
Motivation: Thank you for submitting your manuscript entitled "A large-scale identification of direct RNA targets and protein partners of RNA editing factor SlORRM4 uncovers its role in tomato fruit ripening" to The Plant Cell. Your submission has been evaluated by members of the editorial board, and we regret to inform you that we are not recommending that your manuscript proceed further in the review process. We have not made this decision lightly. Your submission was assessed at this stage by 3 editorial board members, who judged that the work would not be appropriate for The Plant Cell and that initiating additional review would only delay the eventual publication of your story. This decision reflects the priorities and platform of The Plant Cell and is not meant to indicate that the manuscript is unsuitable for publication elsewhere.
Plant Cell 13.0
n/a 3 5