Reviews for "Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs"

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Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 11.4
n/a 2 2
Motivation: Given both the contradictory conclusions provided by the reviewers and note of the Editor to try to shorten the manuscript for a completely new submission, I officially asked the Editorial Board to reconsider the decision on the manuscript. As the rewiever #2 considered the changes made in the resubmitted text as unsatisfactory, I provided an additional detailed explanation and justification of the whole manuscript and its rationale to the Editorial Board - including thorough justification of the only part that could not be fully satisfied to reviewer #2 (it concerned the shortening of the analysis section which would, however, in turn result to substandard analysis with oversimplified conclusions). However, the Chief Editor simply confirmed the previous rejection with an additional criticism to another issues not confronted in the previous steps of the review process.