Dur. 1st rev. rnd
Tot. handling time
Imm. rejection time
Num. rev. reports
Report quality
Overall rating
18.1 weeks
34.4 weeks
2 reports
Motivation: I don't recommend sending articles to Millennium except for special issues because their editors change every year. So, I think what probably happened in my case is that the previous editor liked the manuscript enough to send it for review but the new editor didn't like it. So, I have received really good reviewer reports with the first decision and revised the article as best as possible. However, the article was rejected in the next round with comments from one new reviewer and supposedly one of the old ones. I don't know how was the old reviewer's report because they didn't even send it to me, they just wrote 'see attached file' but there was no file. The new reviewer thought that the article was interesting but suggested me to write a completely different article (based on completely different data and methodology).

It was obvious to me that the new editor didn't like the paper and would have desk rejected it. Since the editors change every year, you have to convince two different editorial teams that your paper is worth publishing which doesn't really worth the trouble. Plus, the journal is really slow. It took me nine months what would be a desk reject in a couple of weeks with another journal. And with all due respect, the fact that all editors are PhD students and they are in charge for only one year means that you will have to deal with very unexperienced editors. So, maybe it is better to send your work here if you are already established in your field and want to support the idea of a journal run by graduate students. I would recommend staying away if you are an early career researcher.