Reviews for "Journal of Child and Family Studies"

Journal title Average duration Review reports
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Journal of Child and Family Studies 62.4
n/a 2 4
(very good)
Motivation: A 14-month wait for a review was excessive, even during COVID. And correspondence with the editorial assistants lead me to believe there were serious management problems beyond difficulties finding reviewers due to covid. Despite submission on 12/13/2019, they told me by email that the manuscript was still "awaiting assignment to an associate editor" on 2/15/20. In an email on 6/4/20, they said it had just been sent out for review. The decision finally came in 8 months later on 2/22/21, and the email said: "We apologize for the delay in processing your manuscript. The journal recently completed an editorial transition and has received a 20% increase in submissions this year, compounding our backlog." I consider those things to be their problems to solve, not mine. The two reviews themselves were thoughtful- had we gotten them within a reasonable time, I would have no problem with this journal.