Reviews for "Journal of Applied Economics"

Average duration Review reports
(1st review rnd.)
1st rev. rnd Tot. handling Im. rejection Number Quality Overall rating Outcome Year
n/a n/a 27.0
n/a n/a n/a Rejected (im.) 2020
Motivation: Rejected in 1 week after urging
n/a 2 5
(very good)
Accepted 2016
Motivation: The review process was swift enough, although in general my impression was that the referees addressed those points that I never made in my paper. Yet, I had to respond in a way as if I had made these points in order not to get a rejection.
n/a n/a 7.0
n/a n/a n/a Rejected (im.) 2016
Motivation: The submission process was not automated (November 2016; submission is via email). This may prove to be problematic; submissions may get lost, it is difficult to keep track of things, etc. However, I experienced no problems. Actually, the editorial office was very responsive and provided me considerable information on how the process was to proceed.