Reviews for "IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics"

Journal title Average duration Review reports
(1st review rnd.)
(click to go to journal page) 1st rev. rnd Tot. handling Im. rejection Number Quality Overall rating Outcome
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 15.7
n/a 1 1
(very bad)
Motivation: They only sent out the manuscript to "one" reviewer. The reviewer misinterpreted major parts of our work. They made false assumptions on our problem formulation even when we had explicitly stated all the details both in text and in figures. The fact that they made the decision on just one review is extremely unprofessional.
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 14.6
n/a 4 3
Motivation: 2 reviewers: Major Revision
1 reviewer: Reject & Resubmit
1 reviewer: Reject
editor outcome: reject since he/she thought that it needs more time than a normal time for major revision.
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics n/a n/a 91.0
n/a n/a n/a Rejected (im.)
Motivation: The editor disappointingly did not understand the work, and insulted us by a comment that he believes the paper is generated by a computer! This work was reviewed internally at our institution by four professors who were all co-authors; all English native speakers! We submitted a complain to the editor in chief and we did not receive ANY sort of response! Very bad experience with this journal, its editor, and editor in chief. Stay away from this journal.