Reviews for "Communications in Computational Physics"

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Communications in Computational Physics 3.1
n/a 1 4
(very good)
Motivation: The handling of the manuscript was, at first, very satisfactory. We received a high quality report from the reviewer and the overall time spent in stage of reviewing and revising the manuscript was comparably short.
However, after being notified about the acceptance of the manuscript in September, finalizing the paper in the production stage took relatively long. Three weeks until the source files had been approved, four weeks until the first proof was sent, nine weeks until the second round of proofs was sent and another three weeks until a corrected version was finally sent into production. All in all, this adds up to almost five months after the manuscript has been accepted. In total, we expect a delay of six months until the article will finally be published.
During this time of putting the manuscript into production the communication with the editorial office has been scarce and direct replies to our queries have not been received.
These circumstances unfortunately impair the otherwise very positive experience with the journal.