Reviews for "Business and Information Systems Engineering"

Journal title Average duration Review reports
(1st review rnd.)
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Business and Information Systems Engineering n/a n/a 52.0
n/a n/a n/a Rejected (im.)
Business and Information Systems Engineering 16.0
n/a 2 1
Motivation: My paper theme and journal's aim and scope do not have a close match. However, editor took it forward for review, as my paper theme can contribute to the body of knowledge that journal focuses on. The editor followed the reviewer's comments and suggested me to submit by formalizing a model that extends government and software engineering paradigms. Moreover, the reviewers could not differentiate between capability and capacity indicating that they could not follow my paper. They did not understand the model used in my paper and felt that my paper is focusing only on communication between and among projects. Given the context in which my paper has been taken forward for review a careful selection of reviewers could have helped me in getting meaningful comments to further improve the paper.