Reviews for "BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth"

Journal title Average duration Review reports
(1st review rnd.)
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BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 20.3
n/a 2 4
(very good)
Motivation: The review process is very slow in comparison with other open access journals
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth Drawn back before first editorial decision after 244 days Drawn back
Motivation: I believe it is completely unacceptable from a BioMed Central journal (charging USD 2,145 for publishing a paper) not to come to even a first editorial decision for 8 months. This happened despite numerous contacts with the editorial office during these months. Also, it was impossible to get into contact with the handling editor; we were able to reach editorial assistants only.
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 32.1
n/a 3 4
(very good)
(very bad)
Drawn back
Motivation: Despite the seven-months elapse between our submission and BMC´s preliminary decision, we were pleased to receive reviewers´ reports as two out of three reviewers only had minor revisions. Furthermore, we were noticed that “BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth” anticipated to publish a revised version of our article if we could meet the reviewers´ points. We submitted a revised version of our article one month after receiving the review and the revision was based upon the reviewers´ comments. From August 2017 to November 2017, we emailed and called the editorial office of BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth many times in an attempt to get in touch with the editor-in-chief, but with no luck. In November 2017 we chose to withdraw our manuscript. We have felt obligated to state our opinion on BMC´s reviewing process at Scirev owing to all the respondents who have spent time on our questionnaire and provided data for our article.