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19% accepted
% immediately rejected last year
67% imm. rejected
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109 articles
Manuscripts received last year
572 manuscripts
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$20 per page

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Vegetos is being published under the aegis of a registered SOCIETY FOR PLANT RESEARCH having its well organized bylaws and Regulations. Journal is being published in 3 volumes a year which is going to be quarterly from 2016 onwards. Vegetos covers all major areas of Botany, Plant Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Agricultural Sciences, Molecular Biology, Cytology and related areas. Journal has been awarded Impact factor of 0.042 for 2013 by Thomson Reuters and 6.02 by National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS), India. It is being indexcd by Scoupus, CABI, MAAPA, Indian Science Abstracts, and other data bases. Editor in Chief Prof S K Bhatnagar leads a team constituted of Executive Editor, Associate Editor, Copy Editor, Editorial Board, Councillors for performing various duties related to

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