Journal of Food Chemistry and Nanotechnology

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Journal of Food Chemistry and Nanotechnology aims to publish reviews, original research and technical articles relating to current high-impact research results in the fields of food chemistry and food nanotechnology covering bioactive constituents and micronutrients, antioxidants, food flavor, active-packaging techniques, nanosensors for detection of contaminants and toxins, nanoencapsulation, nanofiltration, food safety and toxicology, enzymatic and microbial changes of food properties, quality control and assurance, nutrition, engineering, and analytical methods. Special importance is given to the basic and applied research findings for maximizing the food production, improving the food quality and safety, extending the shelf-life, analyzing the bioactive constituents and micronutrients,

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Latest review

First review round: 5.7 weeks. Overall rating: 5 (excellent). Outcome: Accepted.

The editor decision was quick, and it considered the reviewers' comments and my responses. I was also particularly impressed about the speed of the proof creation, and the changes I asked to make on the proof. In few days after receving the corrected proof, the article was published online.