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% accepted last year
45% accepted
% immediately rejected last year
30% imm. rejected
Articles published last year
100 articles
Manuscripts received last year
150 manuscripts
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open access
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$50 per manuscript

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Aims and Scope

International Journal of Engineering Works (IJEW) is an open-access journal, which aims to give its contribution in state-of-the art research studies & activities in advance innovation areas. The topics cover in a wide range of engineering and technology with the latest outstanding research & developments to address the problems faced by society. The journal offers authors fast and premier quality to publication and the ability to share their research with the widest possible audience of researchers, scientists, professionals and other interested academic scholars across the worldwide. IJEW is multidisciplinary journal which appeals to academia scholars who are working in any area of engineering scope, submit their manuscript must be original, novel and unique based on scientifically and t