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1% accepted
% immediately rejected last year
21% imm. rejected
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17 articles
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78 manuscripts
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We have only had an impact factor for four years, so no five-year impact factor yet. The two-year listed one is actually for 2013, because we don't currently have access to two-year one. I will correct it when we do. Desk rejects are mostly for remit; acceptance rate is a rough calculation because we only calculate initial acceptance rate (1.3%) and many manuscripts span a year-change in the revision process. Turnaround time for desk rejects is 7 days; for manuscripts that aren't desk rejects its currently ~67 days. The best way to know about us is to ask -

Latest review

First review round: 8.7 weeks. Overall rating: 3 (good). Outcome: Accepted.

The handling was overall efficient, cordial, and fair. The publication time (from acceptance to print) was 1 year. Insistence on word limits added to the difficulty of finalizing. Handling of figures did not allow colour reproductions, even for electronic version without substantial cost, and figure space counts towards word limit, making the task even more difficult.