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First review round: 22.7 weeks. Overall rating: 2 (moderate). Outcome: Rejected.

I made significant changes to my original manuscript in response to comments from three peer reviewers (all supportive of my paper - recommending minor revisions to the structure and some additional references) and Special Issue editors (who were not supportive of my paper). The Special Issue editors did not accept my revised manuscript. However, the editor of the journal did like the paper so he recommended some further changes and asked that I consider resubmitting. I made these changes and resubmitted, wherein it was sent to new reviewers. These reviewers were also supportive of the paper, but suggested further extensive changes, many of which contradicted suggested changes from the first round of reviews and comments from the editor. Final result was the drafting of three (very different) versions of the same paper, all receiving different feedback. I gave up at this point. I was very dissatisfied with this process.
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