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GAIA is a peer-reviewed inter- and transdisciplinary journal for scientists and other interested parties concerned with the causes and analyses of environmental and sustainability problems and their solutions.
GAIA follows the Green Road to Open Access: Authors can archive a version of the article (PDF) for free public use on their personal or institutional websites and/or in their institutional repository.
GAIA has a quick turnaround and minimizes time from submission to publication.
GAIA has a proven record of high-quality articles, a well-established international reviewer network, and a reputation of academic excellence.
Articles published in GAIA are chosen for their scientific content as well as their ease of comprehension and significance to readers of various scientific discip

Latest review

First review round: 34.7 weeks. Overall rating: 4 (very good). Outcome: Accepted.

I was very happy with the very fast and well-organized publication process after the editor's final decision (about 1 month) and the great editing support!