About SciRev - Background

SciRev.org is a website made by researchers for researchers. The information we receive is freely available to the entire research community. By offering researchers the possibility to share their experience with the review process, we aim to make the scientific review process more transparent. Efficient journals get credits for their efforts to improve their review process and the way they handle manuscripts. Less efficient journals are stimulated to put energy in organizing things better. Researchers can search for a journal with a speedy review procedure and have their papers published earlier. Editors get the opportunity to compare their journal's performance with that of others and to provide information about their journal at our website.

Our new service, free scientific ads, is meant to strengthen communication among scientists across the globe. Given that our website is visited each day by thousands of researchers from all scientific fields, placing a SciRev ad provides a unique opportunity to send out a message to the global scientific community.

The SciRev website is facilitated by the SciRev Foundation, which aims to help science by making the peer review process more efficient. This process is one of the weakest links in the process of scientific knowledge production. Valuable new knowledge lays untouched at reviewers' desks and editorial offices for extended periods of time. This is an unnecessary loss of time in the scientific process which otherwise has become much more efficient. SciRev helps speeding up this process by making it more transparent. Researchers get the possibility to share their review experiences with their colleagues, who therefore can make a better informed choice for a journal to submit their work to. Journals that manage to set up a more efficient review process and which handle manuscripts better are rewarded for this and may attract more and better manuscripts.